St. John’s Preschool & Daycare has a commitment to the whole child, and we wish to encourage intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and moral development.

We believe a positive school experience is the result of careful attention to the environment, activities, and the way we interact with the children.  We encourage self-expression through art, music, physical activity, and storytelling.

We feel it is important for children to develop the skills they need for further learning, including skills in problem solving, making choices, working with others, asking questions, learning to use materials carefully and correctly, and working independently.

We want children to learn to care for each other, to respect each other and adults.  We want them to learn of Christ as their Savior and accept Him into their daily lives.  This happens best in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance of individual differences.  The teachers act as models for the children and encourage them to treat each other with respect and tolerance.